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Preparing for an earthquake can seem scary and construction on your home may seem daunting.  We're here to help make the process easier, here's how in 4 easy steps

How we help

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1. Call/Email

Getting started is easy, give us a quick call or shoot us an email today & we'll answer any questions.  

We'll even come out and do a free home inspection.

2. Get a customized plan & Quote

Once we've taken a look at your home we'll give you an immediate quote that won't change.  Then we can create a custom plan to help make your home and family earthquake safe. 

3. Retrofit

We'll get all the necessary permits, plans, and back work

 done for you, then we'll come out and make your home a Stronghome.

Our Process >

4. Inspect

We do it best.

We are the only company that goes through 3 separate inspections.  You can rest easy knowing that you got the job done right.

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