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At Stronghome Seismic we know that your home and family are important to you, so that means they're important to us too.  Unfortunately like many other people we've experienced lousy contractors and  bad inspectors firsthand. We believe that you deserve the 

professional work that you're paying for, and we want to prove it to you.  We are the only company that conducts 3 separate inspections on our work: an internal, 3rd party, and personal inspection with you.  We also thought you should know that we've never failed an inspection.  

That's right, never.  

Not once. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

So you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are earthquake safe.

Our 3 Point Inspection Process

Internal Quality Control Inspection:

As soon as the work is completed our Director of Operations personally inspects every bolt, nail and piece of hardware.  This insures that every project is held to the Stronghome standard, which always exceeds the industry standards, because we believe your home and family are that important.

Third Party Inspection:

After our quality control inspection a city inspector will come & make sure that what is on the plans is there in real life and meets all city standards.  This also sometimes will include another 3rd party inspector and inspections depending on city codes and regulations. 

We have never failed a single official inspection.

Personal Homeowner Inspection:

One of our most important goals is that you know and understand what work has been done. We will happily walk you through any and every detail of the plan set and do a thorough walkthrough of the physical hardware as well. We want you to know that your home isn't just strong, it's a Stronghome.

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